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Tianjin and Zhengzhou New Technology Seminar Ends in a Satisfactory Way

     With the rapid development of society and economy, the new things had emerged in endlessly. The new technology and management mode also had been constantly progressing. For communicating our company’s new products with users closely and sharing the new development of the industry, Donghua Machinery Co., Ltd. held two new technology seminars at Tianjin and Zhengzhou respectively on June 22th and June 24th. Firstly at Tianjin, we held a new technology seminar about automobile lightweight and intelligent plant management with BAIC’s automotive research institute experts. Then we held another new technology seminar about medical packaging injection moulding technology and intelligent plant management at Zhengzhou Yellow River Hotel.

     These two new technology seminars had attracted hundreds of customers and friends to participate in and support. In Tianjin, many leaders attended the new technology seminar with their teams, such as, GWM, Hyundias, and Toyota, etc. And during the new technology seminar in Zhengzhou, many manufacturers of the medical industry had attached importance to this event, such as, Tuoren Group, Tuoren medical machine, etc. There were also relating executives and engineering staffs to participate in.

     The main content of the Tianjin new technology seminar:

     At Tianjin’s new technology seminar, Mr. Deng Yu delivered an important speech on site. He is the executive director and CEO of Cosmos Machinery Ltd, which is the parent company of Donghua Machinery. The representatives of Donghua Machinery shared the technology on site. They respectively were Mr. Zhang Guoxian, the marketing & international director; Mr. Zhang Yingsheng, the technical sales director; Mr. Cai Guoqiang, the electrical control and transmission director; and Mr. Li Xiangdong, the research and develop director. And the specific discussion and content of the seminar were as follows:



     The development direction of automobile lightweight

     In this forum, Mr. Li Wenxing, the expert of BAIC Research Institute, focused on the requirements of automobile lightweight. He also talked about the lightweight design of the whole car, the technological requirement for the auto parts as well as the specific demand of parts suppliers.

     Automobile lightweight & injection molding technology

     Mr. Zhang Guoxian, the marketing & international director of Donghua Machinery, introduced the on-line compounding IMM, Micro foamed, low pressure injection, IMD, high-gloss injection and other related technologies and processes of Donghua Machinery. He said that the automobile lightweight had many requirements for injection molding parts. How to cooperate with the host factory, and then ultimate the appropriate technology to produce the plastic parts was the focal point of the introduction. Choosing the right technology and equipment was also very important.



     Two-platen IMM & Automotive interior and exterior production line

     Mr. Zhang Yingsheng, the technical sales director of Donghua Machinery, mainly introduced the stability and superiority of Donghua’s two-platen IMM. It is an important equipment to produce the auto parts. He talked about the excellent performance of the two-platen IMM and how we can make good use of it. He also told us how to combine the performance and raw material process of the mould perfectly.

     Intelligent plant management——iSee2.0

     With the rise of German industry 4.0, China-made 2025 had become an important goal of our nation’s development. The transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises may lead to many enterprises face with the automatic and intelligent renovation of the factory. Mr. Cai Guoqiang, the electrical control & transmission director of Donghua Machinery, given a detailed statement of the intelligent plant management on site. He talked about the intelligent plant management system iSee2.0 of Donghua Machinery, and then demonstrated it on site.

     Multi-material serve-driven energy saving injection moulding machine

     Mr. Li Xiangdong, the R&D director of Donghua Machinery, pointed out that automobile lightweight meant reduce the automobile weight. Actually, it is important to reduce the procedure during car manufacturing. But how to reduce the number of auto parts, use less adhesive and ensure the car VOC qualified is the direction that we strived for. There are many forms of Donghua Machinery’s multi-material IMM. The horizontal turntable structure’s force distribution is very uniform, which solve the deficiency of the vertical turntable appeared before.

     The main content of the Zhengzhou new technology seminar

      At the Zhengzhou new technology seminar, Mr. Cao Xiaowei, the general manager of Cosmos Machinery (Dongguan) Trading Co., Ltd, delivered an important speech onsite. For medical packaging, we discussed about how to achieve environmental protection and save more production costs on the basis of guaranteeing the function. At the same time, the electrical control experts of Donghua Machinery also shared with us about the related technology and experiences of intelligent plant management. The discussion and content of the seminar were as follows:



     Application of thin-wall high speed special injection moulding machine in medical industry

     Most of the injection moulding for medical consumables were thin-wall and deep cavity. So how to achieve efficient production, improve the qualification percent of the products and increase the production’s reliability was the technical problem that we had been discussing. Donghua Machinery had researched the high-speed thin-wall technology for many years. We had many years’ accumulation and practical experiences in this technology. The technical experts of thin-wall IMM also shared the new technology with the participants.



     Application of hybrid injection moulding machine in high-precisely medical products

     For medical products, it is necessary to produce the precise plastic parts. But how can we not only reduce the production cost but also achieve the precise productions producing? The hybrid IMM project’s director of Donghua Machinery introduced the machine’s performance and related application in details.

     Intelligent plant management--iSee 2.0

     For medical industry, the demand for the automation and intelligent plant management was very urgent because of the factory GMP. The management technology of intelligent factory was also the thing that they want to know mostly. The electric and transmission control director of Donghua Machinery gave a detailed discussion about the intelligent plant management onsite. He also introduces the intelligent management system of iSee 2.0 in details.

     These two seminars achieved complete success under the support of every organizer, customers as well as peers. As one of the leaders in injection moulding machinery industry, Donghua Machinery has been pursuing the technological innovation and product optimization. The emergence of new technology and implementation of various solutions will bring huge possibilities for the innovation and development of China’s plastics industry.